About Us

It all started on a plane ride inspired by a very picky, young boy. Actually, it started much earlier than that, but the idea itself was sprung at 40,000 feet in the air.

This hungry young boy was munching down on the only thing on the airline menu that he would eat: a cup of noodles. Now, while everyone loves a good cup of noodles, but the young boy’s parents, Jackie and Doug, asked each other; "wouldn't it be awesome if there was a food out there, that kids loved, but that wasn't void of the good stuff that kids need to grow?" They looked at each other for a moment, wide-eyed.

“Mac n' Cheese…but somehow with protein and a veggies!"

Returning from their family trip, Jackie immediately went to work, mixing ingredients and eventually serving their biggest critic: the pickiest eater possibly known to mankind. With baited breath, they waited as he took the first bite, terrified of yet another rejection, but eager to hear what he thought. Then he took a second bite, and third, and before we knew it, the bowl had been devoured.

"I love it, can I have some more?!"

 ...they did it. Finally, a hit! From there, Nuchie's was born.

Our mission is simple: To have a friendly food parents can offer to their children that contains some of the good things that children need to grow, while not sacrificing the flavors that our little ones love.  That's a win-win in our eyes!

We hope you and your family love Nuchie's as much as we do.

- Jackie and Doug